Press Release Spring 2015

All natural skin care Products Company reopening on 1st May 2015

Unique Essential, the creators of natural skin care products are reopening on May, 1st 2015. While making this announcement the company founder Raquel Floyd appealed to companies to prepare restocking the products adding that the company is committed and dedicated as ever to providing products which inspire the skin.

“Unique Essentials provides holistic products for the health and well being of the customers. The company’s products are all made from natural ingredients, the components which provide quality skin care products using only the purest grade oils, infused with pure essential oils; thus enhancing both physical and emotional health,” said Floyd while explaining the type of products that the company produces.

Skin care products which inspire the skin

Unique Essentials’ mission is to create skin care products which will help the customer improve his or her health. The company aims at ensuring that the skin is protected from all harmful elements. The company is committed to natural ingredients, providing quality skin care products using only the purest grade oils, infused with pure essential oils; thus enhancing the physical and emotional health. The company products are safe to the users and also to the environment; the company is committed to ensuring that the customer skin is healthy and well nourished. Unique Essential products are rejuvenating, balancing and calming, a customer is bound to get the three benefits for their skin

The company’s products are divided into these parts: the body essentials, baby essentials, gifts essential and specialty essentials.

The company has released latest products which include: bath and body essential travel kit and 2 oz body massage oil.


Unique Essentials sells both in retail and wholesale, to buy the products on a wholesale price the buyers should have a valid retail certificate and a retail location. With the popularity of the Unique Essentials products, business people are assured of a ready market. The company is committed to continue providing quality and safe products and with this Floyd was confident that the companies which would want to deal with Unique Essentials products will continue performing well.


About Unique Essentials

Unique Essentials was founded by Raquel Floyd in 2004; the firm is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A mother of four and registered nurse, Raquel transformed her passion into a natural skin care business. With her children suffering from eczema and no skin care product was promising results, Floyd searched for skin care compounds and created her own signature line of pure aromatherapy treatment, now she is offering a wide range of products for the health and well being of her customers.

Unique Essentials is a company that creates therapeutic blends which “inspire the skin” .The products are made using natural and quality ingredients. The skin care treatments are perfectly suited to moisturize the skin creating natural suppleness. Unique Essentials are inspired by balancing natural ingredients, blending nourishing vitamins along with premium essential oils together to enhance the therapeutic properties making it food for the skin. Each signature blend captures the aromatic brilliance of nature at its finest; by fusing the energy of essentials oils with themes for everyday living.

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